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Mary Bulkley née Wilford

Mary was an actress and married to George Bulkley violinist at Covent Garden and Haymarkt theater.

She was the daughter of Edward Wilford Treasurer at Covent Garden etc
She was born 1748 and died 1792.

George Bulkley and his brother Stephen were musicians in the Covent Garden band commencing mid 1760s.
George married Mary Wilford actress of Covent Garden niece of John Rich and Priscilla Wilford.
George's death was reported by the Haymarket Theatre 1784. No evidence has been found to date to support that claim.
In the Times.
She had an affair with Mr.James Dodd singer in the Bristol theater and eloped with him to Dublin after that she did the same with John Banks in Scotland and in 1782 she lived with James Williamson.Mrs Bulkley's marriage to Barresford 1778. She was the ex wife of George
Bulkley, and an actress of Covent Garden Theatre.If the Times recorded her marriage 1778, one wouldimagine that the Times may have reported George Bulkley's death in 1784?
Mary Bulkley
Bulkley [née Wilford; other married name Barrisford], Mary (1747/8?–1792), dancer and actress

Oxford Biography Index Number 101039764 [what is this?] Primary authority: Oxford DNB